It’s time to change…to Marc Coblen Ireland


We are honoured to have Shane and Sheena Lynch as friends of Marc Coblen Ireland.

Famous as a member of Boyzone,  Shane is a keen motorsports enthusiast and a professional drift driver which makes him a great brand ambassador for Marc Coblen.

His adventurous lifestyle makes him a natural fit for representing Marc Coblen on the world stage.  When Shane saw Marc Coblen watches, he was excited at their mix of glamorous looks and precision craftsmanship and timekeeping.

With his love for the gritty sport of drift driving, Shane needed a watch that is both tough and beautiful and he found it with Marc Coblen.

Shane’s true grit has found the perfect timepiece with Marc Coblen, a watch that offers street cred combined with striking good looks.

Shane Lynch also excels as a singersongwriter and actor. In recent years as well as auto racing, he has participated in reality shows, and was a popular  judge on The All-Ireland Talent Show.



TIME FOR LOVE: Shane and Sheena find time for each other


URBAN GRIT: Shane checks his drift racer time


MAN APPEAL: MC combines strength and good looks


On his 37th birthday on July 3 this year, we presented Shane  with a 50mm black edition chronograph watch with light green strap and black hammered steel bezel for when he is drifting,  and then a 45mm rose gold chronograph with back dial and a few different bezels and straps to fit into his off-road, off-duty lifestyle.


Shane’s beautiful wife Sheena received a 45mm rose gold chronograph white dial watch, also with different bezels and straps  offering the flexibility to suit her changing fashion needs.